~ Jake Matson ~ Joey Fender ~

Special thanks to contributors Jake Matson and Joey Fender

acoustic blues
electric blues


A special tribute to Jake Matson and Joey Fender, for graciously allowing me to weave their work into mine, as many hours of their musical art is included here. For as this e-book took shape in writing over the last decade, listening to, and getting to know each artist personally created an opportunity for me to better know these styles of the blues music; pure Americana acoustic and electric guitar blues, the sounds and styles that range an easy 100 years of Americana artists and their songs, and write some of its principles into this text. Many thanks Amigos and rock-ola rock-ola on out !


"Louise McGee"
"Struttin' Chicago"
"Get Me Religion"
"These Boots Are Made For Rockin"
"Gonna Take Some Time"
"Rip My Heart Out"
"I've Had Enough"
"Can I Give It To Tomorrow"
"Faded Memory"
"This Ain't Working"
"Been So Many Places"
"Louise McGee"
"Last Time"
"Down And Out"
"Death Letter"
"Wanna Make You Mine"
"Spanish Moss"
"I'll Tell You Why"
"When I Leave This Town"
"Boogie Witchin' Baby"
"Want You Back"
"Sweet Home Chicago"
"Will The Circle Be Unbroken"
"Track 12"
"Amazing Grace"
"Track 13"
"You Ain't Talkin' Right"

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