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~ a fine arts trifecta of music, theatre and fine art ~

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'book learning and having fun :)



kid's theme

the hope within
here my story
in 'E' minor
country blues

What's SuperHoot ? Superhoot is a brand. It includes three art formats for bringing forth its message of community and a platform for all artists of all stripes to share their wares in community. Initiated in the Spring of 2022, Superhoot is a master plan for those in need of ideas for getting their newfound and developing music skills and knowledge into music and producing shows, while each communities artists add their work, crafts, and create their own shows and merch. And ideally as we're e-book based, using everyone's own social media for folks to tie into the Alaskan web community for sharing ideas and helping one another produce meaningful art.

"Helping others is an Alaskan tradition."
Alaska ~ Elmer Rasmuson

"SuperHoot The Musical"

The Superhoot musical is a love story centered on the balance between finding success in show business terms and finding one's own art voice success, and merging it into mainstream showbiz. The story goes like this.

Super diva Veronica is a diva super singer who imitates her way to stardom by impersonating the big stars of Americana musics. Joey is a true country blues rocker styled natural who just can't seem to get any traction for his own songs. They of course, are in love, well he is anyway, with Veronica. Veronica not so much ... as Joey is 'just another' up and coming artist in the biz, yet he knows will make it, and Veronica can see it too, but ...

And as our story unfolds, with a few surprises and lots of songs whose themes build Veronica's own maturing in love, Joey gets a hit song on the radio that brings them to a loving, happy ending. Please write any questions or for more details about producing this fun musical with your own community of artists to:


"Superhoot / "Scene Billy ... ? "

"Scene Billy" is a theatrical production in two acts. It is a work of fiction and a comedy, musing about the writing of William Shakespeare's own plays and in this play, his fictional participation in the writing of the "King James Bible", started in 1603 and published 1612. That during the same historical period, Shakespeare wrote a few of his most famous plays. Please write any questions or for more details about producing this fun comedy sitcom with your own community of artists to:


"Even one moment on stage is a glacier of comprehension, that's where the work is. And it's as fascinating to study as any other science."

wiki ~ William Hurt

from NYTimes obit, 3/13/2022

"Superhoot The Movie"

"SuperHoot The Movie" is really just a million scenes of folks getting ready for a giant party scene that includes the 'Prez of Us-All' getting ready for his / her gig, which is to give the keynote speech at the party. A banquet really, but a mobilization of language, a speech that by its conclusion, will reverberate to change the whole world as we know it and reminds us of just how important honest leadership is in civilized societies. Please write any questions or for more details about producing this fun movie with your own community of artists to:

"Superhoot / "FoneZombies"

In today's modern world of portable phones, it's easy to become a bit tethered to the thing. "The FoneZombies" are a musical group comprised of singers, musicians and dancers, techs, who put on shows to tell their stories. The "Fone Zombies" music is created with a satirical riff for the hook's theme words, paired with spoken word poetry over a vamp and changes to be determined. This simple and repeated format encourages each participant a turn at the mic in a setting that's comfortable, so to tell their story to create a song. Please write any questions or for more details about putting together a band with your own community of artists to:

satirical riff

"Superhoot Jam Band"

For learners who are here to study music there's suggestions for starting a jam band. For there's no better way to really learn about anything really, as to try and teach our ideas and knowledge to others. There's a ton of music in the text, all sorts of songs, musical forms to write songs, jam loops and grooves to learn and teach the band forming up. Depending on circumstances, jambands can form up online too, to start, and the interested artists who collaborate can figure their own thing out from there. Cool ? Please write any questions or for more details about putting together a jam band with your own community of artists to:

The superhoot riff for kids. The original SuperHoot riff, written for kids, it's a theme for whatever music is needed. Songs, intermission musics, break tune, motif for a character, just a 'leitmotif' as the classical cats would say ... a couple of notes to spark off into song.

wiki ~ leitmotif

"What I like is to feel needed, and I like to share with people. It makes me feel connected to the world."
wiki ~ Lea Seydoux


Please write for questions, or more details,about these SuperHoot shows.


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