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Welcome ! Thanks for your interest in this project. For starting spring semester 2022, this new e-book begins its journey to bring all of Alaska's communities together through a mutual love of music. Reaching far and wide through the internet magics, new learners and seasoned players can collaborate with this e-book curriculum. Hope you will join in !

From home, to public school through university level, where new arts teachers are inspired and trained to teach, this e-book encourages a strengthening of community through a curriculum the musical arts, giving younger learners a vision of career in music and into the world of the fine arts. These interests can further branch out into music's energizing magic; through dance, stage and theatrical productions, and the composing and writing of new works, for surely we know that ... all art was once new. New for 2022 and forward, hope you will join in !

"All music was once new."

Welcome ! How this e-book works. Just ask yourself ...

'What is it about music I want to better understand ?'

Such as ...

'What is meant by 4/4 ...?

or ...

'What's a 12 bar blues ?'

or ...

'In what ways are Americana jazz and Euro classical music similar in compositional components of 32 bar sonata allegro song form ?'

or ...

Is 'forward motion' about thinking ahead in time?

or ... ?

form in music

Empowered by curiosity. Once self curiosity empowered, this e-book uses the magical hyperlink of music vocabulary words to lead you on a pathway of discovering the histories and theory of your own musical interests. Along the way building music knowledge of the wide spectrum of styles and genres of our Americana musics.

Curriculums and mentors. This text contains four study pathways. These self guided curriculums can be augmented by an online community of musicians in Alaska, based through this e-book, or even world wide, both through the web.

Audio sounds / playback. And whatever we come across in theory that gets notated in music notation symbols, it has an .mp3 file for playback through your computer's speaker system. Click on the musical example please.

How cool is that ! And there's well over 600 written / audio examples in the complete book :)

How we learn. Combining our curiosities of today with what we already know, is a good way for our learning to go :) Termed in theory our 'existing information', once we a toehold, it's up to each of us. With mentoring, all can blossom into a lifetime of learning for something we are passionate about.

Tis' a truth in our learning beyond measure, that endeavors we seek can bring pleasure, success brings a yes and starts a new quest and learning renews on forever :)

So if curiosity stokes your learning, and music is a passion for you, this book is perfect for you. For it's a puzzle of sorts, with a perfect closure of topics; of pitches and chords and numbers, forms and patterns and more, that will always loop back to their origin pitches through perfection from nature, to illuminate what brings Americana musical arts to life.

How we each learn plus 'to learn by rote.' Once we take responsibility for our own education, the rest comes along at the proper pace for each of us, as our natural artistic sense comes along through study.

While e-book curriculums can include distance learning peers and mentors to help when needed, the rote core of this curriculum creates individualized instruction, fortified by rote memorization through writing, verbal and measures of musical vocabulary.

Knowing by rote often translates into knowing forever, in learning basics of all topics, here our tasking is to weave 'some rote' into each learner's personal curriculum. Taking into account their own focus in style and rhythm.

That's why we do it. We 'rote up' because we know it works, and has worked for generations now. For the same seven letter names;

' A B C D E F G A ... '

... have been with all our music styles all along now.

These seven letters we can spell a ton of essential coolness of understanding that 'schooled' musicians can freely share in communicating ideas in language and vocabulary shared by millions of artists.

'Within a local universe.' Know this e-book was originally designed to be a stand alone curriculum. A purchased copy from the author requires no further internet access to fully function, written thus to insure the learner's own privacy on computer platform.

Hosting this e-book with an 'on line' computer brings the learner into the Understand Your Music on-line community and through suggested links to 'wiki', which dramatically broaden it's learning and research horizons.

Know that to function, this e-book needs any web browser to bring it's 'HTML language ' to life on a computer. This quality ensures a full browser styled and functioning curriculum for learning without internet connectivity.

Topical references to wiki pages are included, but these links are not active. They're elective choices that each internet capable reader can choose. This is done by mouse clicks; highlight / search etc. This capability moves our discussions far far beyond the realm of this e-book, into the endlessly fascinating historical and reference library for the musical arts and beyond, for the curious reader. You choose :)

So ... pick and click and off ya go, no worries about getting lost or where you go. Learn by rote the basics and you'll hold them forever, to build songs and symphonies, and jams and the blues, to share freely with all and make music anew.

"Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going."
wiki ~ Jim Ryun

Schools, libraries and teachers. While directed towards musical leaning artists, all who teach can learn how to use this book to teach anyone also interested in music. And while tailored for all things music, its theories and performance, there's also a theatre play, a musical, history pathways and word prose composition explorations.

All schools with music interests will benefit from this text. For as an e-book, there's potentials to create a statewide 'web' based community of artists, theorists and players, anchored by university level studies and excellence here in Alaska.

And having a copy in every public library statewide can ensure that all of our communities can be included.

Join in. My e-book is available for purchase by everyone globally for $35 US, digitally delivered, and $40 US., by mail. Sale price includes a 'getting started with this book' e-correspondence with Jacmuse.

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For all other correspondence. Please write, text or call. Thank you.

Mentors. Just getting started so just one mentor so far, moi ! Do consider becoming an e-mentor yourself in your community and surrounding areas with this e-book curriculum :) For all correspondence, please write, text or call to begin. Thank you.


"A problem is a chance for you to do your best."
wiki ~ Duke Ellington ~