~ edits page ~

'hi, Jeannie and Logan in AK, and Tom in NYC'

Thanks. Thanks for putting some eyes on this project. Please make notes as you go; grammer, spelling, unreadable sentences, confusions etc. And just let me know when U B ready and we need to connect to fix what you find. Mucho love and thanks for your support.

We'll take it from the top eh ? Da capo :) The first page of the book when it opens. In HTML language, the 'index' page. Very short. Followed by the 'art' page, which is a 'hub' of sorts for the linking of ideas together. Very long. For example, a discussion on the 'modes' page will include a link to 'art', which defines it a bit more and creates new links out.

And speaking of links, none will work at this point in the editing process. This includes any special graphics etc. Please do not share the links just yet. I'm sure it's just way to messy. Don't want to be too embarressed :)

Once through the 'art' and the glossary, split from A to L and M to Z, we'll start the curriculum. This is about 25 pages. And ss I finish my edit of each page, I'll post them up. I've a dozen or so ready of the 25.

Hope you enjoy your journey through my book about understanding your music. THANKS !