~ song lyrics ~

~ becoming a storyteller ~

sky is blue

oh what's aman to do

bring her flowers

witha a deep red hue

or some sweetness tomatch her perfume

or just a shoulder

to lean and cry

let the tears flow on

till they dry till they dry

~ skye not blue ~


your loveliness you shared with me

had returned yet again

but i knew from the start

that we'd fall in love again

2nd verse

guess who I thought of ttoday

yea your in my heart to stay

maybe we'll find a way

for our love ~


a jazz blues song ~ "Heading To Charlie's"

a Coltrane minor blues ~ "Blue Future"
a Phrygian romp ~ "St Chick"
grinding R & B ~ "Life On A Chain"
leaning towards jazz bebop ~ "Tuxy"
a fanfare ~ "The Hope Within"
a moody jazz love song ~ "My Skye Is Blue"
another club tune ~ "Who Dat"
a rockin' pop tune ~ "When Ya Coming Back"
a folk song ~ "Hear My Story"
a fusion tune ~ "The Noodle Dragon Returns"


'telling our stories through words supported by music ...'


“Every song that you sing onstage, you have to absorb the persona of that song,” he told the website London Jazz News in 2013. “Your audience has to believe that you’ve experienced what you’re singing about, or else it’s just not gonna work.”

Kevin Bryant Mahogany was born in Kansas City on July 30, 1958, the son of James and Carrie Lee Mahogany. He started playing piano in third grade, then briefly took up the clarinet.

In a nutshell. Thinking that the melody of a song can clearly define the emotional character of the story being told, we look here to examine ideas and create ways to to play melodies by ear. That by doing so we can build up and strengthen our own artistic abilities to interpret melodies and project our take or interpretation of a song's story line.

Overview. From the old as the hills artistic technique often termed 'a theme and its variations', an artistic concept and philosophy which also applies to many of our art disciplines; musics, sculpt, painting, writing etc., this theme and variations is the basis of so much of what American improv is about, where the music being performed is played by ear. That traditionally our musics are not being read as they are being performed.

theme and variations
by ear