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Jacmuse and 'Twister' 2015

About this book, in a nutshell. The stars aligned for me back in the early 80's and I was able to attend formal university music school in upstate New York. As a novice player, with no other formal music schooling, the learning opportunity that I was afforded is beyond measure. And as faithfully as I can, I have reconstructed that university curriculum in this book.

At S.U.N.Y Plattsburgh, the faculty was comprised of seven Dr's Of Music. History, theory, orchestration, performance, showbiz, Bach and Coltrane. Their vast musical knowledge, studied principles of music and heroic stories of great artists throughout history, are woven in this book. This work is dedicated to all who would also aspire for just such a learning opportunity amoungst such august company.

My own curiosities perked then till now, and I gradually re-discovered over time how the ancient pitches are brought to life today in our Amer Afro Euro Latin musics, that a story emerged that wove together the 'theories' of these four unique cultures.

With hyperlinked vocabulary words to describe and label 2500 years worth of art components, represented by 1000 year old notation symbols, and these linked to mp.3 audio playback of the written music, the new 'tech' brought this 'theory' story tigether.

Quite revolutionary in regards to music education curriculum, for we can learn a music word, hear what it sounds like, and then explore the various ways it's used throughout our Americana styles and genres. This three dimensional presentation of ideas creates a wide inclusiveness, all learners, all lovers, of all musics, can find their way in and begin to explore their own paths.

Earely on. To blessed to ever in me words express, that I got the bite from seven Dr's and was mostly tasked ever since, to continually explore what I didn't know. For all sentient beings, this can be self perpetuating as the enlightenment unfolds. For my own early love of all things numbers started me in the theory of the pitches.

'C D E F G A B C' becomes '1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8.'

Add in history by counting years, each pitch interval labeled by a number, half step ~ whole step formulas for scales and modes, the unparalled solution to the 12th root of 2, 1.0594631. The idea of One, of 1 4 5 chord progressions, numbered color tones for blues and jazz chords, there's a lot of ways in with numbers to the theory. Loving the numbers and outer space too, I was hooked, lined, sinkered and drank the cool aid too.

The writing of this book. Near midway along in my formal studies, a perfect score on an educational philosophy paper in teacher training school revealed the method of teaching that cores this 'e-book.' Pure learner based, that one's own existing knowledge of a topic is the spark and basis to begin. A lifetime of learning becomes a very distinct possibility for those that stay hungry and curious.

To write such a book, self directed with multiple entry points within such as vast topic as music, was the challenge for me to meet, now that the new computer technology could combine learning styles and methods.

"These books, and your capacity to understand them, are just the same in all places. Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed, is more important than any other one thing."

wiki ~ Abraham Lincoln

Formal schooling. Jac Muse had four full academic years of formal music school at the State University of New York at Plattsburgh beginning in 1978. Towards the conclusion of this time, a new life of adventure outside the music classroom became the new classroom for life's learning; Alaska.

Fortunately during the daily academic rigors of university, Jacmuse got bit by the music theory bug, the history bug and the jazz bug. So thrice bit, he got the fever bad, and with no remedy, has had it ever since too.

Further stoked by teaching training and the tech advent of an web styled 'e book', the idea was brought forth that an evolution in learning might be premised on interactive texts that are written and hyperlinked, to forward each learners existing information of music, to be the catalyst that creates the next unique learning pathways forward.

Dedicated. I dedicate this work to a friend still out there in our local Universe, for I thankfully feel their inspired spirit empower each day.

For Ms Lorelei Newman showed me the purest love and innocent joy for music and dance, about life and love, that I've ever come to know.

Her healing spirit for life as art dances on through the music in this book, and I, and all who read here, thank you for :)

The bib. A love of reading and books. Beyond super lucky that in elementary school I learned how to read written word in English. I dabbled in French too, and there got some new syllable rhythms magic and beret. So all along in my studies, books are the foundation. Here's a couple of stacks of music theory and history books that influenced my writing of this book. Bach to Coltrane, East to West and all of the above things music and the spiritual energy that moves art forward !