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Hi Ray Troll, guitarist Joe Craig writing, we met Saturday at Library event. hope you saw in me the back of room as your talk began. you sounded fine and clear with great stories and ideas. when you come to Anchortown again, call me and we can set up a time to play some guitar together, and I'll share what what I know. safe travels and best, Joe Craig / 907.310.7269. ps i've also some ideas for a Pebble Keystone Partnership, and could use some of your illustrative ideas to create, shape and convey the message ! oh ... you know a local jazz pianist Diane Fast, "Ms Boopsie" by chance?



In a nutshell. In the wording of this work, I attempted to follow along in the footsteps of Mark Twain. Attempting to follow hroughout the writing of this book I tried to make this textbook as 'homespun' as I could. So even though the laungage is slangy, the theory to understand our musics comes from sources that are written in anything but a slang vernacular.

Luckily in our theory, there's little wiggle for variance. A 'C' major scale has had the same pitches all along now. So every book that has a 'C' major scale written as 'C D E F G A B C' is correct. This consistency is 100% through all of our resources; pitches, tunings, scales, arpeggios, triads, chords and colortones, key centers, rhythms written in standard notation and most aspects of form in music.

Where we gain some wiggle is in the history. And here in Essentials and TRC, I take quantum leaps to connect dots of musicians and their musics that are thousands and thousands of years apart. Yet connected by the same pitches then as today. So that's part of the fun of the process, create the 'what ifs' ... and then some art.

7th chords and colortones
key centers
rhythms / notation
form in music

Garper, Hal. Forward Motion. Petaluma, California: Sher Music., P.O. Box 445, Petaluma, CA 94953. 2003






"I don't know anything about music. In my line of work ... you don't have to." Elvis Presley

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