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'the everyday intervals ...'


In a nutshell / defining 'where.' While the idea of diatonic is the whole tamale of sorts, that wide open vista of possibilities, there's a few key aspects that clearly define any song written along diatonic lines and principles. So any folk, country, most pop and rock and beyond songs live right in the diatonic. A key aspect for sure is 'where' a song's chords will go. And diatonically, there is only a couple, easy mastered by ear. If we miss it the first time around, we'll catch it the second. Second is the 'diatonic 3 and 3' which defines what's availble for the first aspect just mentioned. And while there's more to this, as there always is in good art, there's aslo this simplicity, which in the right hands, lasts forever in creating memorable art.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

wiki ~ Leonardo da Vinci

So just by our curiosity we're all lucky cats, get nine lifetimes to figure it all out, and generally don't let our 'schooling' to get in the way of our education. Yet ...

'... learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.' Pablo Picasso