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~ complete 'e' book / full text = $27.95 ~

~ EMG .pdf full file / U print a paper copy = $19.95 ~

~ TRC .pdf full file / U print a paper copy = $19.95 ~

To purchase any of these books, simply email your request to me at the following email address.


Once our correpondence is initiated and a delivery method to you is determined, I'll send you an invoice from PayPal.


Once payment is confirmed, I'll send your book to you, via the cloud, a dvd disc, or a thrumb drive.



So before you buy this 'e book' in any of its available formats, please take time to explore it free and easy on this website. Mind you, the musical examples do not play back in the free version, but all 1100 mp3's do in a purchased copy. Whether for yourself or a loved one, there's solid educational value woven in these books.

So the man in the pic holding this Tele, handles each sale one at a time. Chances are good that if you are reading here, we've already met and you want complete copy for yourself. And once we are sure that you've a working copy of my book for your music library, please know right here and now that there are no returns, no exceptions.

Knowing this out front looks to prevent any hard feelings further on up the road. For people do get funny about money, and then there's the balancing of our music Karma and art mojo, all woven through the Americana legal principles of copyright, ownership and the dignified fair sharing of the musical magics we hold and share in common.

We cool ?