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~ fall 2020 curriculum ~

~ to study the musical arts ~

~ in honoring the Americana tradition and spirit of free education for all, this music curriculum is provided in support for all of the arts education programs starting in the Fall semester, 2020 ~

U Y M e-book / fall 2020

Start In Music Theory

U Y M / E M G e-book

Essentials Of Modern Guitar

Tonal Resources For The Creative Musician

~ about the author Jacmuse ~

'Understand Your Music. com' Simply ask yourself, 'what is it about music that I would like to have a better understanding of.'

Such as, 'what is meant by 4/4 time?' Or 'what's a 12 bar blues?' Or even 'what are some of the differences and similarities between jazz and classical music?'

Your curiosities become an easy way to begin to work this book. Combine today's curiosities with what we already know, is often a good way for our learning to go :)


'Within a local universe.' Welcome. This e-book is designed to be a stand alone curriculum for those with an interest in music. Based on one's own curiosity and what they want to understand about their music, common music vocabulary words are linked through topical discussions, creating overviews of the theories we have in our musics.

This e-book functions in each of the popular web browsers. Topical references to wiki pages are included, but these links are not active. They're elective choices that each internet capable reader can choose, thus moving our discussions far far beyond the realm of this e-book, into the endlessly fascinating historical and reference library for the musical arts and beyond, for the curious reader.

The remaining three books, listed above, are .pdf files. So they work both on a computer and also can be printed to make your own complete or custom copy. Explore them and discover what's there for you. Write us here for further ideas and help if needed.


wiki ~ curiosity
"Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going."
wiki Jim Ryun

Part of a larger work. The curriculum presented here is part of a larger work under way that advances the topics here. It uses these essentials to build a greater mix complexity for the aural colors and how they have evolved over the last 100 years or so, that gets us to the modern sounding art of today.

Knowing that all musics are related through their basics of pitch and time, and how our music reflects nature's own magical sounds, our studies here provide the framework and basis for an evolution to a better understanding of all the arts.

So extracting this curriculum as a 'e-book within and e-book, don't be too surprised if you come across links that fail. For in the hurry to be ready for Fall 2020, there's some loose ends. Copy and paste any words into your browser, even add in a 'wiki ~ ___' before, and explore it all. E-mail the author your ideas, comments and conundrums, and we'll find a solutions for a way forward in your musical studies.


perfect closure

'Our challenging times today.' Fall 2020 brings many new challenges for all. In education and especially music, there's problems to be solved so that learning and progress can continue through the school age years. Remember always that your learning is up to you, now more so than ever.

Take advantage of the day to day scheduling that the times insist, to practice your instrument. To be ready to rejoin the band, for it will happen. Aim towards being 'first chair' for your section, knowing your music community is here to support your efforts.


"A problem is a chance for you to do your best."
wiki ~ Duke Ellington ~