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'so ... Ur thinking you want to buy a music theory book from this ah-muse-ing scholar ... ?
cool, I'm Jacmuse, first we make us a little executive trust between us :)

So before you purchase any of my books, please take time to 'explore it all' for free and easy, at your leisure, from this homespun website. All is www free here, available to all of the curious among us. For the hosting platform, server network and security certificates are paid for by me. So ... I'm trusting U to check it out, enough to be sure that you then trust me and want to purchase a copy for yourself. Click to explore.

The man with the Tele in the pic is moi, Jacmuse, (not my guitar), and is the man you have to trust, for he handles each book sale and its successful delivery to you.

Chances are real good that if you are reading this, we've already met, talked and we're cool. Or you've been referred here by a trusted friend of yours, so through this mutual friend, we get us some trust and we're cool, and round and round this rock it goes.

Our trust is a must as there are ...

no $ returns ... nada ... whatsoever.

So spend an hour or so on a tablet sized screen with us online and you'll know they are all worth their price of admission. I'm sincerely hoping that a fully informed customer can be a content and satisfied customer over the long term. That you know you got your money's $ worth for the price of admission :) That once purchased, and you've recieved a full working copy of my book, money returns of any sort are strongly discouraged.

Knowing this out front looks to prevent any hard feelings further on up the road. For people do get funny about money, there's the balancing of Karma, mojo, and the making musical art for free, making the art that makes folks tap toes, dance around and smile and feel good together.

As players, we often make this art happen freely without giving it a second thought. So this purchase is different, you get to pony up the big loot $ for books for your personal library.

Weave this on through the Americana legal principles of copyright law, ownership and the dignified fair sharing of the musical magics we all hold in common ... and there you have it.

We cool ? Cool, click on !






"It always seems impossible until it's done."
wiki ~ Nelson Mandela

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