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'we all get to be beginners, so we just gotta start, and then begins a lifelong journey of making new friends and making music'

'in a nutshell ...

'... left column links to pathways for guitar and bass, as they traditionally share the same four low notes ... :)

'... right column starts with piano basics for all new learners, then to learn to play and understand our musics by ear and the aural colors, and lastly the Americana music theory basics that apply to all instruments and pathways of discovery ...'

' ... describe to yourself with words, what your music will sound like ... :)

your style

start guitar

the blue notes

start blues guitar

classical music theory

early blues guitar

jazz music theory
violin family strings
"Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist." Picasso

"I’ve done the ‘William Tell Overture’ a thousand times on my live show. That, too, is a challenge, and I don’t think I’ve ever played it perfectly. If I ever do, fans might grow to expect it that way every time."

wiki ~ Glen Campell

From the NYTimes, Aug. 8, 2017

a chance

References. References for this page's information comes from school, books and the bandstand and made way easier by the folks along the way.

References academia Alaska. And when you need university level answers to your questions and musings, and especially if you are considering a career in music and looking to continue your formal studies, begin to e-reach out to the Alaska University Music Campus communities and begin a dialogue with some of Alaska's own and finest resident maestros !