~ Start Time ~

~ somehow, even the motion of a musical object, a single note moving through time ... creates gravity ... a tonal gravity ~

In a nutshell / start ~ time. Landing here, good chance this'll be some new language. We all get to be new, just gotta get started. The nutshell here is to get you to think about musical time. About how we can understand, in theory and art, musical pitches in motion through measurable time and some of the ways in musical words that we describe this magic.

These next ideas are all 'time' vocabulary links to their discussion throughout the text. Find one and off you go, read, pic and click. Write down your questions for your mentor. There's that perfect closure to all of our study topics, time and rhythms too.

Time or rhythm ... ? Time in music is what helps get everyone on the same page, for all share in the measure of time as the beats go by the same the globe on over. Rhythm, and especially the ones we each create, is the way we get our own timing to pulse and chime on in with the rest of the world :)

~ swing ~

~ 100 bpm ~

~ count to 4 ~

~ find 2 and 4 ~

~ now count it off ~

~ and now 3's a charm ~

~ now we bring the swing ~

~ count measures into forms ~

~ syncopation ~

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