Author' note. This page was rather hurriedly extracted from a more extensive as yet unfinished e-book, to meet our current September 2020 learning challenges, so those links that do not function just yet hopefully will still stoke your own thoughts and curiosities, leading to further explorations energized by your own curiosity.

~ Start Time ~

~ somehow, motion of an object through time creates gravity and motion of a pitch through time creates a sense of tonic pitch that pulls other pitches towards it ~

~ iambic pentameter and rhythms ~

In a nutshell / start ~ time. Landing here, good chance this'll be some new language. We all get to be new, just gotta get started. The nutshell here is to get you to think about musical time. About how we can understand, in theory and art, musical pitches in motion and some of the ways in musical words that we describe this magic.


~ swing ~

~ 100 bpm ~

~ count to 4 ~

~ find 2 and 4 ~

~ now count it off ~

~ now, mix in a bit of 3 ~

~ now we bring the swing ~

~ count meaures into forms ~

~ discussions about musical time ~


“Should you get lost,” Mr. Adler added, “consider yourself lucky.”

wiki ~ Cy Adler

Chapters. Ten chapters core this study and then off into the time tunnel for a journey through history.

By the numbers. One by one and from either direction, we get to all 12 pitches, no more no less :)